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Whole House Sand Filter

Whole House Sand Filter :


Raw Water is first filtered by filtration unit. Pressure Sand Filter Unit is provided for removal of suspended matters & turbidity from raw water. PSF Unit is a SS vertical Pressure Vessel. Internally, it is fitted with bottom collecting system. Uniform grades silica quartz sand is charged on the supporting media of pebbles and gravels. This unit is fitted with upvc frontal pipe work and Multiport Valve externally. During service cycle water is passed in down ward direction through sand bed, thus entrapping suspended matter & turbid particles. Over a period of time, sand bed gets chocked due to suspended matters resulting higher pressure drop and lesser floe. At this stage filter bed need to be backwashed.

Backwashing is continued for about 10- 15 minutes or till the effluent coming out is clear For Rinsing of Sand Bed: Service water is passed in down ward direction to settle down the sand bed. The effluent water is drained for about 5 minutes time to ensure all unclear water is drained down.


This kind of Micron Cartridge Filter having Series of filtration with the 20 Micron, 10 Micron , 5 Micron , &1 Micron Cartridge. This is a Consumable Cartridge and should replace it after Days of operation.

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