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Whole House Reverse Osmosis Plant:

It is our pride to offer Reverse Osmosis Plant to respected clients. In market, you may find diverse range of such plants but it is quality, functionality and long-life of the product that make us distinguished to our competitors. Being one of the leading provider of the qualitative water treatment equipment, we keep in mind the requirements of the customers, design and filtration system of the plant.

Characteristics of the Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse Osmosis Plant is matchless in its performance. It removes up to 99% the bacteria, colloids, organics, dissolved salts, ions and all other intruders that could contaminate water. This technology uses the semi-permeable membrane that ensures the quality of water.

Number of Steps to Purify Water
  • Sediment filter traps particles
  • Carbon filter catches organic chemicals and carbon
  • Reverse osmosis filter consists on thin fil composite membrane
  • Ultraviolet lamp sterilizes microbes that may escape from reverse osmosis membrane
  • Use of nano materials boosts the overall performance of the plant
Tools and their Functions

These plants come with certain parameters that tell about different aspects like quality, pressure, performance, temperature or hours of operation. For checking either quality instrumentation is reading properly or not, a Mass Balance equation is used. It is necessary to analyze that instrumentation reading is accurate. You will have to collect the following data from an RO system to check the Mass Balance calculation;

  • Feed Flow (gpm)
  • Permeate Flow (gpm)
  • Concentrate Flow (gpm)
  • Feed Conductivity (µS)
  • Permeate Conductivity (µS)
  • Concentrate Conductivity (µS)

Reverse osmosis plants are manufactured on the bases of proven technology. These plants demineralize and deionize water and make it suitable to the domestic and industrial needs.

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