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Water Filter Maintenance & After Sales Services

This is the core of our business; it is what we do best!

Regular servicing is vital for maintaining the purity of your filtered water service. Our goal is to provide honest and thorough water filter maintenance and repairs, so that our competitors use us as the benchmark for service and reputation.

Some people have decided to source their own water treatment system to give them control over the quality of their drinking water supply. Of course, that means that they are taking the responsibility for controlling those problems, so they must be diligent in selecting the appropriate systems and providing proper maintenance of their systems.

The tap water we take for granted is no longer as safe as it once was. Numerous chemicals, inorganic and organic compounds are affecting the safety of our drinking water. It is now doubtful if the government can guarantee the safety of the water we drink everyday.
Whether the systems our technicians will provide you with regular servicing and maintenance. Even if your current water system was purchased elsewhere, we’re happy to service and maintain it for you.
Aqua Shield’s scheduled water filter service and filter swap means you never have to worry about the quality of your water.
On each service call, your system is cleaned externally, the taps are cleaned and sanitized and cartridge filter replaced, as necessary.
We believe that all of our clients have invested in us and our Company to solve their problems permanently, not just the day we made the sale.We believe that all of our clients want lifetime, honest, service based relationship and we want to be there for them.We believe our Company and our people endeavor to fulfill this commitment with our scheduled service maintenance programs.
Moreover, whether your call is for an extra service, a supply request or delivery, in most cases we respond within 24 hours.
Experience the convenience of our maintenance service, taste the freshness of your water and hear the positive feedback.
We also do service & maintenance on all Water Systems.

Our Products

Aqua Shield is one of the fastest growing water solutions company which specializes in water treatment systems. Cost effectiveness and quality work is our priority.

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