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Ice Factory RO Plant

Ice Factory RO Plant:

RO plant is mandatory for an ice machine as per Food Authority of the respective province. The ice produced by RO water is crystal clear and transparent as compare to the ice made with tap water. Secondly the strength of the RO water ice is much higher than the tap water ice with even less time. Tap water has a lot of impurities, heavy metals and extra salts present in the water, which produce spots on ice block. The market price of an RO water ice block is higher than tap water ice block so you can even earn better by installing an RO plant in your ice factory.

Our specialty designed RO for the ice factory is manufactured by using high quality equipment with time tested quality and superior performance. It gave you an ultimate benefit by its low running cost and higher monetary benefits. Moreover, it will elevate your business by fulfilling the today’s age market requirement.

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