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Commercial RO Plant:

Commercial RO Water Treatment Plant uses the reverse osmosis principle to treat water and make it suitable for commercial purposes. The Commercial RO Plant is the most cost effective water treatment system for any commercial establishments. The Commercial RO Systems cleans the water of contaminants and removes non-essential and corrosive salts, metals, chemicals etc., present in the water. Thus making the water safe for tools and equipments used in the commercial activities. The Commercial RO Plants are best suitable for drinking water purification, effluent and waste-water purification, dialysis, pharmaceutical, food processing industry, car washing, ice block factory, Juice & Syrup production, hydrogen production, in reef aquariums etc.

Generally, Reverse Osmosis process takes place in stages such as pre-treatment process, high pressure pump, membrane assembly, Re-mineralization & pH adjustment and disinfection. This commercial RO water treatment plant functions on the principle of Reverse Osmosis wherein the raw or impure water is applied pressure to make it pass through a membrane, to obtain pure / treated water for commercial usage. The Commercial RO plant offered, not only purifies water from contaminants but also treats it from chemicals, acids and gases.
Special attention to understand the requirement of clients and further, designing & engineering suitable commercial RO Water Treatment Plants, has made Aqua Shield a proffered name. The Reverse Osmosis plant for commercial water treatment by Aqua Shield is extensively used by industries for commercial water treatment needs purposes.
Aqua Shield offers complete Range of Commercial Reverse Osmosis Units for Water Treatment Plants having a very Large Range and capacities. Aqua Shield offers the State-of-the-Art Packaged Reverse Osmosis Systems complete with Pre & Post Treatment equipments offering Very Pure Water from Brackish water.
Water Produced using Reverse Osmosis Technology is of very Low TDS & free from Particulate, Organic and Colloidal matter. These Systems comprise of Raw Water Feed Pump, Multi-Media Filter Unit, Activated Carbon Filter Unit, Anti-Scalent Dosing Unit, (Optional-Water Softener) Micron Bag and/or Cartridge Filter and Reverse Osmosis Unit with Optional UV Sterilizer unit at the outlet of RO unit. These systems are used for water having TDS up to 2000 ppm. Systems for Higher TDS are custom Designed and offer for the same can be procured from sales division.
Aqua Shield offers these capacities in this series, ranging from 100 LPH to 2 M3/hr and more.

Special Features:
  • Pre-Assembled, Factory Tested Systems, Compact, easy to Install, Operate and Maintain
  • FRP vessels (SS-optional), SS 304 and/or MS Skid for mounting units
  • System requires only Water, Electrical and Drain supply and can be installed in a day.
  • Multi-Port Control valve for easy operation of Filtration and Electrical Controls with all interlocks
  • Heavy Duty UPVC Piping 80-schdule for RO High Pressure Piping
  • TDS Monitor to check Raw & Treated Water Quality, Solenoid Valves & Pressure Switch for Safety Controls
  • Raw Water Feed Pump with Valves, NRV etc Boiler Feed & Process Water
  • Multi Media Sand Filter in FRP Kidney Dialysis Unit in Hospitals
  • Activated Carbon Filter in FRP Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts, Clubs etc
  • Anti Scalent Dosing System with HDPE Tank Residential & Commercial use
  • Micron Bag and Micron Cartridge Filter Unit Beverage & Food processing Units
  • High Pressure Pump with Pressure Switches Swimming Pools Water conditioning
  • High Performance Membranes with Pressure Tubes Array Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment
  • UV System as an Optional for Drinking Water use Air Conditioning Application
  • Electrical Control Panel and Wet Panel for control Point of Entry System for wide use

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