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Car Wash Water Softener System:

Water softeners essentially balance out minerals in the water by deionizing “hard minerals” like calcium and magnesium and adding sodium and potassium (NaCl and KCl). The physical process occurs through an ion-exchange resin which filters through the salts for soft water quality that will leave the surface of a car spotless! As softened water will leave the surface effortlessly smooth to the touch, this system is perfect for the final rinse in any car wash servicing business. (Think of it like rough paper towel versus a tissue. The differences in the effects they have on a surface are drastically incomparable.) Keep in mind that this process does not completely remove all dissolved solids like organic molecules, viruses or bacteria. Therefore, this treatment is recommended for the purpose of softening instead of filtration.

Advantages of Car Wash Water Softeners:

Eliminates Spots: Softeners balance the ions to eliminate the formation of residue/spots leaving the surface spotless!
Forget drying: Soft quality allows for the droplets to quickly evaporate; making the drying process unnecessary.
Gentle on appliances: A softener will enable water to flow through and on appliances without generating salt buildup. This will prevent the hassle of frequent maintenance.
Longevity: Water Softeners last around 10 years but require regular maintenance.
Saves product: The chemicals from soaps and detergents will be able to react to their full potential with softer quality.
Recommended Car Wash Water Softener system: Find more information and request a quote!

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