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Car Wash Water Treatment Systems:

Choosing the right car wash water treatment is central to the success of the entire business. Regular water contains impurities in the form of minerals and dissolved solids (like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and much more) that prevent a successful spotless car wash. Once the water evaporates, it leaves behind minerals and solids in the form of residue or visibly as spots. In order to provide spotless car wash services, the water must be filtered of these minerals and dissolved solids. Luckily, reverse osmosis systems and water softeners do just that and more!

Car Wash Reverse Osmosis System:

Reverse osmosis water treatment (RO) is comprised of a series of filters that collectively provide purified water by removing 90-98% of the minerals/dissolved solids.

This process is an entire system of treatments engineered to eliminate the remains of residue for a spot-free finish! Known for the incredibly small pore sized membranes, reverse osmosis filtration systems produce the highest form of purified water. Therefore, the car wash reverse osmosis system is the optimal solution to a successful service. Car wash RO systems are the go-to filtration systems for ultimate purified quality. These systems are long-lasting and require very little maintenance, making them the ideal and practical choice.

Advantages of Car Wash Reverse Osmosis Systems:

Removes Spots: RO Systems ensure that 90-98% of the dissolved solids (TDS), including the ones that would normally leave a residue, are filtered out.
No drying needed: With the application of purified water, there is no need to wipe away the remaining droplets in concern of spots! This helps save materials (towels) and more importantly, manual labor!
Prevents buildup of salts on equipment: Spot-free treatments simultaneously prevent the buildup of salts on equipment.
Maximizes results: The usage of purified water enhances the application of detergent and works better with soaps and chemicals resulting in higher quality service.
Increases product efficiency: Purified quality enables higher productivity and maximizes products, like detergent, for a more efficient and cost-effective solution.
Lowers equipment maintenance cost: Purified quality helps prolong the lifespan of other wash equipment resulting in longer periods of time between maintenance checks.
Long-lasting: RO Systems are engineered to last around 10-15 years. 

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