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Arsenic Removal System:

Arsenic is a semi-metal element of periodic table that can be found in drinking water. Arsenic is not easily dissolved in water, therefore, if it is found in a water supply, it usually comes from mining or metallurgical operations or from runoff from agricultural areas where materials containing arsenic were used. Arsenic in water has no color, taste or odor, and can be only detected via arsenic-specific water tests.

When digested with water in dangerous concentration, several conditions, including poisoning and cancer, may occur. EPA, Environmental Protection Agency has set the arsenic standard for drinking water at 0.10 parts per million , 0.01 mg/l or 10 parts per billion to protect consumers from the effects of short-term, and long-term chronic exposure to arsenic.

Arsenic has been classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a human carcinogen. Long term exposure to arsenic has been linked to cardiovascular disease, immune disorders, skin diseases, diabetes, cancer and other medical issues. It is also called “Slow Poison”.

In our Country presentence of arsenic in underground water is a burning issue now-a-days. Bottled water is not in reach of every individual due to affordability and convenience; some filters like RO system are also available in the market to remove the arsenic but such systems costs high.

Aqua Shield presents its state of the art Arsenic Remover System. The system can be accustomed in any regular water filtration system or it can also be installed as an independent unit. This product will remove and/or reduce arsenic in water. Arsenic also occurs naturally in two forms, arsenic –three and arsenic-five. Many types of filtration can be effective at removing arsenic-five, including carbon, but arsenic-three can be more difficult. Our system removes both type of arsenic.

We developed our system to be the most efficient and cost effective solution for arsenic removal. Call us today to decide if the superior protection of Arsenic Removal System is right for you and your family.

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